completely cut out phone data. relying on my phone for so much is getting out of hand and i don’t like the reality-disconnect. as lame as it sounds, it’s like i forget i have a brain sometimes. i don’t even try to figure some things out, i just go “oh which way am i going, google maps will tell me.” just taking out my phone whenever i’m in an uncomfortable situation — like some sort of anxiety inhaler.. eh, i’m done. fruitless comfort is the killer of creativity. another step in working toward circular happiness; all free time spent making photos, filming, reading, drawing, and hanging out with real friends/family - nothing else. sure it will be harder to “stay up” or get around in new places, but my stress level and just about everything else in life will be a lot more stable and fluid.

for emails i’ll just check at them home or when i’m somewhere with wifi (which… isn’t often). i can always be “out of touch” for a few hours, but missing things around me isn’t acceptable anymore. i miss steady eye contact. ‘do not disturb’ enabled with few exceptions, apps deleted, clock dimmed, battery percentage hidden.


hey, watch this masterpiece when you have the time

Anonymous said: heywhat are your top ten favorite albums or just albums you like a lot recently?

my beautiful dark twisted fantasy
get up with it
i can hear the heart beating as one
it’s all crazy it’s all false it’s all a dream it’s alright
babylon bypass
the velvet underground s/t
the miseducation of lauryn hill
the moon & antarctica
public castration is a good idea
'77 live


Bombay, Our City (Anand Patwardhan, 1985)

Watch it here [trailer here]. Documentary about the displacement of native peoples in Bombay slums.

"Where are can we go? Do you have a solution?… You just want to earn a name taking photographs. The government has discarded us, you and I can do nothing, so don’t take photographs of the poor. This is our reality."

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